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The Other Pulpit !

Life Lessons of a Leader !

The New Christian Auto-Biography by Pastor Steve Turner

is a riveting, powerful & often humorous look into the life of an only child, artist, minister and entrepreneur.

It is a thought-provoking story of inspiration and determination of a single mother whose teaching Godly & practical wisdom in unforgettable life lessons.

Challenged by education, racial prejudice, poverty and religious judging, she presses on for the purpose of offering her son to the Work of God.

Will God accept him ? After all, he is the product of a forbidden ...

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Coming Soon ! The Other Pulpit !

Those who have read the excerpt have commented:

" The Author is BOLD & writes with S.W.A.G.

* Intense ! Authentic ! Intriguing ! Honest !

^ Highly Explosive Content Destined to rattle the "Religious Cage" Worldwide.

*  Leaves you Speechless & Loaded with Wisdom yet outburst of laughter are inter-twined..